Sunday, April 10

Good Morning All!

I guess the correct term for this would be good afternoon. Last night we went to a friend's house for a BBQ. While the food was good, I was just really excited to see their newborn baby. She is absolutely the cutest little thing. On the bad side of things I came home to find a flat tire on my car. Just perfect, exactly what I need. So now today I am stuck at home while the hubby is at work till late tonight. So, I foresee one of two things happening: 1. I will be posting all day or 2. This will be my only post due to nothing of importance happening. Either way it's a good excuse to have a lazy day. The house is clean, no dinner to be cooked, and no laundry to be done. Maybe all that hoping for a few extra minutes to sleep really has payed off. Of course the puppy is still here. He's not having accidents anymore, BUT he just insists on eating the puppy pads instead of pottying on them. Ughhhh. My hunny promises to get training classes for him a.s.a.p. The most exciting news of this entire blog we are playing the waiting game. I am so impatient. I'm starting to wonder if that is why God sent me a dog. To work on my patience? Hmmm...well as of today it is not my strongest virtue. However, maybe baby?!

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