Wednesday, April 20

Hello Everyone!

I've been M.I.A for awhile due to all kinds of things! Did I mention I work as a nanny? To a 2 and 4 year old and a newborn on the way. Literally on the way! My boss went into preterm labor and although they finally stopped it, she is stuck in the hospital for 4 weeks or until the baby delivers. On top of that I love my job and I love the kids I watch, but I really get paid absolutely crap. So I started looking for a new job, but still along the lines of nannying. Well I got a call today! But its such bad timing! How could I leave my job when my boss has all of this other stuff going on? But then its such a great opportunity. I'm in such a mess and only have a few days to decide what to do. Yes, I made a committment to the family I'm with, but I've been with them a year and just can't fathom the pay anymore. It is really really bad. We will just put it like this each week I can fill up my car (altima), buy bread, milk, eggs, and a pack of sprite for the ttc lady that's going crazy without caffeine. The bad thing is I'm not even exagerrating. Any advice? Anyone? I'm Screwed! Yeah that's what I thought too. Did I mention that my fiance wants to get another dog? Yes another dang dog! He thinks that another lab puppy to keep our puppy company will be perfect. Hello! Does he even stop to think that we live in a one bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor??? Oh well, it may make for some interesting stories. We also have a big move coming up to another city at the end of the year. Which will finally give us a reason to get a house with a YARD for our pups. Also this means room to breathe and not step on eachother and best of all our home won't look like a storage unit anymore. To be honest we are just outgrowing our little apartment. Oh and to add to all the chaos I'M SOOOO NAUSEOUS! It is still a little early to test, but i might actually be preggo! I will definitely keep ya'll updated. I thought this blog was going to be my journey to ttc, but I think it may end up being my journey through pregnancy faster than I thought! YAYYY!


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